6 comments on “SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)

  1. Stash? Well, I have a sock yarn stash, bulky stash, worsted stash, laceweight stash, WTHWIT* stash, leftovers stash and the stash which cannot be named, which I ran across a few weeks ago and have no memory of acquiring. That’s it, I think, so far.

    *what the hell was I thinking?

    Oh, and thanks for the follow!

  2. My stash is currently in plastic tubs. Hence I have no idea what I have. My husband is slowly but surely making a craft area for me. I hope I will have bins on the wall within a month so I can really see what my stash is. More to follow

  3. My stash is growing proportional to my passion with knitting ! I ought to be careful at this point, and develop good habits of knitting it before buying more… but I do love to fill my antique cabinets with the stuff…. just to open the doors and let my creativity stir to see all of the yarn !

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